GView Server is a comparative genomics server and front end to GView, a circular and linear genome viewer. It allows sequence information to be analyzed and the results visualized in an intuitive manner. A single reference genome (in GenBank, EMBL) can be uploaded and the appearance customized, or multiple genomes can be uploaded to perform comparative analysis. GView Server uses BLAST to compare the reference with any other genomes uploaded and contains a number of predefined BLAST analysis types for different use cases.

Step 1: Choose Analysis and Upload Reference

Choose the analysis type to perform and select a reference sequence file to upload. Accepted formats are GenBank and EMBL, and the file should contain a complete, nucleotide genome. If you would like to have your results e-mailed to you upon completion, enter your e-mail address below.

  • Select analysis type
  • Reference genome for analysis.
  • Results will be sent to the given email address.